Once upon a time... I decided to launch my own brand!

I had the idea to build my own Brand since 3 years ago.. I was the classic independent working woman, always busy, successful and well paid. So It was very difficult for me to quit my job and lifestyle.
One day, tired to work extra hours, be always in a bad mood, angry for so much work at the office and not having time for my family neither for me, I wake up and decided to quit everything and begin to build my own dream.
I began by myself doing knitting sweaters for dogs, because I have a Yorkshire " Carlotta" and I love her so much that all I want was to dress her like cute and sometimes dress her like me! so many times I cant find the ideal outfits for her so that's why I decided to design dog clothes & accessories by myself.

In honor of Carlotta... my little precious Yorki, my bestfriend, my loca, my life!

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