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Aztec Dog Princess costume

Aztec Dog Princess costume

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Women in the Aztec Empire enjoyed a lot of rights and freedoms but since the Aztec Empire was a military empire, their role was nonetheless subordinate to men.

The ancient Aztecs wore their clothes as bright as they could afford, and there were many natural plant dyes that were available to them.

This costume is inspired by Moctezuma’s Aztec King. Moctezuma's headdress is a featherwork crown which tradition holds belonged to Moctezuma II, the Aztec emperor at the time of the Spanish Conquest. However, its provenance is uncertain, and even its identity as a headdress has been questioned. It is made of the quetzal and other feathers with sewn-on gold detailing.

Sizes & Measurements
XS - Length 9.5" / Neck 8-10” / Chest 10-12”
S - Length 11" / Neck 9-11”/ Chest 13-14"
M - Length 12”/ Neck 10-12" / Chest 14-16”
L - Length 12.5”/ Neck 12-14”/ Chest 16-18"
XL - Length 15" / Neck 14-16”/ Chest 18-20"

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