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China Poblana Dog girl dress

China Poblana Dog girl dress

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China Poblana is considered the traditional style of dress of women in Mexico.
La China Poblana has a special place in the hearts of Mexican people who revere Puebla.
The dress style is known as China Poblana, a white blouse and colorful embroidered red and green shirt have evolved to include the national symbols of Mexico - an eagle clutching a snake, and prickly pair cactus. A woman who wears the dress usually braids her hair on two sides, tied with red, white and green ribbons.

Mexican Costume includes:
China Poblana dress

XS - Length 6" / Neck 7" / Chest 8-9"
S - Length 9.5" / Neck 8.25-14" / Chest 11-13"
M - Length 11" / Neck 10-12" / Chest 13-16"
L - Length 12.5" / Neck 11-14" / Chest 16-19"

XS - for teacups and small chihuahuas
S - For Chihuahuas and small Yorkies
M- For Yorkies, Maltese and small breeds
L - For miniature Pinscher, Schnauzers and medium breeds

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