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El chavo del Ocho Dog vest

El chavo del Ocho Dog vest

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Adorable denim dog vests with the image of the famous Mexican Wrestler "El Santo"

Embellished by hand on the outside with a heart patch, fabric paints, and ribbons

Neck circumference Chest Length
XS 8.66inch 28cm /11.02inch 19cm/7.48inch
S 9.45inch 30cm /11.81inch 21cm/8.27inch
M 10.24inch 34cm /13.39inch 26cm/10.24inch
L 11.81inch 38cm /14.96inch 29cm/11.42inch
XL 13.39inch 42cm /16.54inch 33cm/12.99inch
2XL 14.96inch 48cm /18.90nch 37cm/14.57inch - special request

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