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Gingham classic button-down dog shirt

Gingham classic button-down dog shirt

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Gingham classic button-down shirt for our doggies! casual, comfy and fresh! Your dog is always going to look like a lady killer!

This collection was created in late August, where still you can find hot days, you want to go outside but at the same time, the fall days are arriving.

Let your dog dress different, dress Güeyita!

This edition is limited to the number of pieces produced. Material: Polyester.

Made in Mexico by Mexican artisans. Our materials are traditional fabrics principally cotton. Your little puppy definitely has to have one!

Be different, Be Güeyita!

Our measurements:
XS - Length 5"/Neck 5-6"/ waist 12-15"
S - Length 6.5"/Neck 6-8"/ waist 14-17"
M -Length 7.5"/Neck 8-11"/ waist 17-20"
L -Length 11"/Neck 9-12"/ waist 20-23"

Our sizes:
XS - ideal for teacup breeds ( less than 4lbs )
S - ideal for breeds between 5-7 lbs ( Yorkies & Chihuahuas )
M - ideal for breeds between 8-13 lbs (Pomeranian, Yorkshire terrier, Beagle, Miniature Pinscher)
L - ideal for breeds between 14-17lbs ( French Bulldog, Maltese, Miniature Schnauzer )

No XL sizes are available.

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