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Artisanal dog collar size L

Artisanal dog collar size L

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Mexican Collars made by artisan women. They knit the collars with colorful nylon threads and after they are finished, they add them in leather. The preparation of a collar lasts a week and their prices vary by size and design.

These collars are so cute and well done that is ideal for any pet! and not only they are going to look amazing and adorable but you are helping to this amazing woman to continue their traditions and their jobs.

Handmade by artisan women of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Note: "Each piece is one of a kind"

Materials: Threads and synthetic leather.

Length Width
Size 8.5-10" .59"
XS 10-12.5" .90"
S 11.8-13.75" .90"
M 13.5-17" 1.20"
L 16.5-20" 1.37"
XL 18-22" 1.37"

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