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Mexican Dog Hoodie

Mexican Dog Hoodie

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Made with a special Mexican Fabric called: Jerga, it is very cheap in México and the principal is used to clean the house ( floors and bathrooms ). But for some reason some Mexican invented this piece called Poncho and in the '80s was very popular among young people. 

They are casual and comfortable, they are a great piece for everyday leisurely wear. Whether over your t-shirt on cool summer nights or over multiple layers, the ponchos are a great choice for look, comfort, and warmth. 


XS -Length 8"-20cm/ Neck 10"-25cm/ Chest 12"-30cm
S - Length 9.5"-24cm/ Neck 13"-32cm/ Chest 14"-34cm
M - Length 11"-28cm/ Neck 14"-36cm/ Chest 17"-43cm
L -Length 12.5"-32cm/ Neck 16"-42cm/ Chest 19"-48cm
XL  -Length 15"-38cm/ Neck 19"-48cm"/ Chest 22"-56cm
XXL  -Length 18"-46cm/ Neck 23"-58cm"/ Chest 28"-71cm
3XL  -Length 21"-53cm/ Neck 28"-72cm"/ Chest 34"-86cm

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