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Mexican Dog girl dress

Mexican Dog girl dress

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Colorful and traditional Mexican dog dresses. They are called Escaramuza dresses and they are from the city of Jalisco, Mexico.
The escaramuza means "skirmish" and consists of a team riding horses in choreographed synchronized maneuvers to music. The typical dress from Jalisco has a striking design and is actually a skirt and matching blouse. It consists of a very wide skirt with ribbon stripes at the bottom end. The blouse has a high collar, and matching stripes in the sleeves.

For this community, the dress has a meaning of freshness. They mix colors making an elegant and traditional dress at the same time.
The dress uses a fabric called: Popelina and usually, they use one color for the base of the dress ( red, green, pink, orange, blue or purple ) and then they add more colors for the details of the dress. ( using slats to adorn it ).

IMPORTANT: *The colors of the ribbons may vary from the photos*

XS - Length 8.5" / Neck 6-8" / Chest 10-12"
S - Length 11" / Neck 8" / Chest 11-13"
M - Length 13.5" / Neck 8-11" / Chest 13-15"
L - Length 15.5" / Neck 12-13" / Chest 15-16"
XL -Length 17.5" / Neck 14-15" / Chest 17-18"

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