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Pink silk PJ's for dogs

Pink silk PJ's for dogs

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Primary color

Adorable PJ’s for dogs! Ideal to celebrate Valentines Day or to wear all year long!

They are handmade by a group of Mexican women in Mexico city.
These PJ’s have our initials “GM” embroidered at the top of the chest.

XS Length 26 cm/ Chest 33cm/ Neck 23cm
S Length 29cm/ Chest 38cm/ Neck 26cm
M Length 33cm/ Chest 44cm/ Neck 29cm
L Length 36cm/ Chest 49cm/ Neck 32cm
Xl Length 39cm/ Chest 55cm/ Neck 35cm
XXL Length 42cm/ Chest 62cm/ Neck 38cm
L Length 14”/ Chest 19”/ Neck 12.5”
Xl Length 15.5”/ Chest 21.5”/ Neck 13.5”
XXL Length 16.5”/ Chest 24”/ Neck 15”

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