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Quinceañera dog dress

Quinceañera dog dress

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This dress forms part of the Collection of Quinceañera dresses, Handmade with love, inspired by the traditional Mexican Quinceañeras where more is more! So you can have a Quinceañera party with your chambelan! because we have vests and bow ties for them too! Don't wait to arrive in one of our one-of-a-kind dresses at your next Glamorous party!!

This product is Handmade in Mexico.

Material: Satin

Ideal for Quinceañeras, Sweet Sixteen dog girls, and Party girls in general.

XS - Length 9.5" / Neck 8-10” / Chest 10-12”
S - Length 11" / Neck 9-11”/ Chest 13-14"
M - Length 12”/ Neck 10-12" / Chest 14-16”
L - Length 12.5”/ Neck 12-14”/ Chest 16-18"
XL - Length 15" / Neck 14-16”/ Chest 18-20"

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